The Joy of Mathematics I

Week 1


1) If you have internet access please register at (link at bottom of first page) – this will give you access to the lecture slides, links and other materials as the course progresses. You will also be able to post comments, questions and items for discussion.

2) If you have never done ordinary Sudoku please find out how to do it – most newspapers explain the rules.

3) If you have done ordinary Sudoku then you might like to try this killer one – the rules are the same with the additional condition that each box must contain unique integers that add up to the total on the box, e.g. the first box has a total of 3 and must therefore contain 1  and 2.

ttimesudoku14) We looked at writing a formula for the sum of the numbers 1,2,3,4…by arranging them in shapes, have a look at some other ways of doing this at