Lecture 1

The Joy of Maths 1  This is an updated and corrected version.

Video links (some have adverts before to get to watch):
Sesame street: from fish to infinity
Cicadas and prime numbers
Achilles and the Tortoise – Zeno’s paradox

Links from the slides :
The first 1000 primes
The first 50 millions primes!
Find out more about prime numbers

Finfd out more about different number systems here

The Joy of Mathematics I Exercise 1

Lecture 2

The Joy of Maths 2 Magic Squares This is an updated and corrected version.
The Joy of Maths 2a – Killer Sudoku

Links from slides:
Durers Magic Square
Magic Squares
Wikipedia’s Magic Squares
Making Magic Squares

Magic squares, stars and more

Killer Sudoku
sudoku_cages Sudoku cages

The Joy of Mathematics I Exercise 2

Lecture 3

The Joy of Maths 3

Video links:
Topologist’s confusion between coffee cup and doughnut
The adventures of Wind and Mr Ug
The Klein bottle

Links from slides:
Euclid’s Postulates of Geometry
Geometry timeline
Types of labyrinth
Sacred geometry of Isalm
New National Library for Kazakhstan
Fortunatus’s Purse 
and photos of the purse!
Pentagons the tile the plane
Paisley patterns
M. C. Escher 
and all about him from his official site
The mathematical art of Escher

The Joy of Mathematics I Exercise 3

Lecture 4

The Joy of Maths 4

Video links:
Unfolding the cube into Flatland
Unfolding the Hypercube into our space
Beyond 4 dimensions
Flatland: the film
TED talks:
Brian Greene: Making sense of string theory
Garrett Lisi: An 8-dimensional model of the universe

Links from slides:
Flatland: a Romance in Many Dimensions
The Hypercube

Lecture 5

The Joy of Maths 5

Video links:
Polygon song
Jim Olsen’s Archimedean Solids by Truncation, Rectification, Expansion and Snubification using Truncate, Expand, Snubify software
Demonstration of Wolfram Computable Document Format

Making an origami octahedron
Making an origami stellated octahedron

Links from slides:
Stella’s Polyhedra Bookcase
Polygons and Polyhedra
Platonic solids
Mathematician’s timeline
History of Polyhedra
Euler’s Formula link 1
and link 2
Polyhedral duals
Archimedean solids
Paper models and nets
Archimedean solids Wikipedia
Jim Olsen’s interesting properties of Platonic and Archimedean solids
Da Vinci’s Polyhedra
Paper Geodesic Domes
Goldberg polyhedron
New class of polyhedra article
Stellating Polyhedra
Kepler’s Polyhedra
Escher’s Polyhedra art
Origami Polyhedra link 1
and link 2
Wolfram CDF software
and demonstrations