I used to work at the University of Liverpool as the Head of Business Systems, developing business intelligence and application solutions across all the key areas of student, research, human resource, and finance. You can still see a video of one of the last projects I was involved in.  Sometimes I miss it, but mainly for all the special people I worked with for over thirty years.

But then life took a different direction and I trained as a Lay Minister with the Church of England after three years of study at the Church of the Good Shepherd on the Wirral. They have knocked it down now and are rebuilding it as The Lighthouse Church!

Then another turn, and I now have the demanding but satisfying role of grandfather to six children.

Alongside all of those, I have been an author and self-published a book of short stories from my time with the Ace of Scribes writer’s group.

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San Guilio – a meditation of silence
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Dwelling Place
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Deep love
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