PythagorasThe Story of Mathematics The history of Maths all in one place

Plymouth University Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching Recreational Maths links from The Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching Maths resources – for youngsters but hey what we all need to learn!

Number patterns – fun with Curves and Topology Lots of stuff from Jill Britton in the US

Magic squares, stars and more

Killer Sudoku

Links from Wolverhampton University David Wilinson of Wolverhampton University list of recreational maths links

The Geometry Junkyard
…..Origami from the Junkyard The Geometry Junkyard – just that, lost of bits about geometry + an Origami corner!

Vi Hart from the Khan Academy Videos from Vi Hart – she talks very fast and draws doodles to explain maths concepts!

Flatland, A Romance in Many Dimensions An interesting introductin to dimensions for beings who live in a 2D flat land!

Pythagoras History of Pythagoras and his theorem from Harvard University

 Maths in art  This is Wikipedia’s reference page.

Jonathan Sack’s timeline on Magic Squares

Finally Mathworld if this does not put you off nothing will!  This is stuff for serious Mathematicians!

There are more links and the lecture slides and exercises in the lecture notes which are private for copyright reasons. If there was is demand for a course via zoom in the future they my be made available again.