Whiter than the snow

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What a contrast! Wymondham Abbey one sunrise last week and this morning in the snow.

I found myself singing this morning an old hymn tune: “Whiter than the snow.” The words are taken from the Bible in Isaiah 1:18 “‘Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow;” which looks forward to a time when Jesus comes to die on the cross for those very same scarlet sins.

There is snow in Palestine in winter, but also throughout the year. It sits on the top of mountain ranges. It could be a reminder of the heights of spiritual blessing, but also the depths of our own arrogance that we stand proudly condemning others, governments and ideologies, but rarely ourselves. The same mountains send down commandments to love God and our neighbour and these we fail to do.

Instead our snow is scarlet with the blood of innocents and only one solution is given us: Jesus as Saviour. Worth checking out and then checking in to the Kingdom of Heaven.