Potami, Samos
Agios Nicolaos, Potami, Samos

Faith may seem like an anachronism in the modern world when science has solved so many problems.  But we seem to have created many others with our science, and the greatest human problems of war, hatred and greed are still with us and thriving.  We continue to fool ourselves and blame ignorance when arrogance is the real issue and we brush off evil as an extreme phenomenon of mental health.  Some of the answers that I believe in I will share here , but many of the reasons why I follow Jesus have already been covered so well by the author Adrian Plass in his book of that name.

Over the years I have been a church treasurer, a deacon at New Brighton Baptist Church, an elder at what is now Hope Church, Wirral and since retiring I have trained in lay ministry as a Reader at the Church of the Good Shepherd, all on the Wirral.  But none of these are as important as my family and wider church families among which I have that assurance of a relationship and love that Jesus came to demonstrate so humbly and sacrificially as part of his own trinity of the same love.