North Folk to Norfolk

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I took this photo in Norwich Cathedral last time we were down looking for a new home in Norfolk . It was just as they were throwing everyone out (in a very polite and nice way of course) and the sun was dipping and bowing for the evening, giving the sacred cloisters that wonderful atmosphere of age and solemnity that captures many who through the ages have come looking for God and perhaps not realising that he was looking for them all the while. Being thrown into a new era of life in a strange place needs more bravery that I really never had, but God, Barbara and family have created this stillness portrayed here amidst the chaos and the upheaval. Pilgrims had grim times but the cause remained the same. To make sense in a senseless world, to reach for something new and seemingly unattainable, to boldly split infinitives and make our very own Star Trek into the unknown.