The Cathedral Guided Tour – Can it be mission?

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My wife, Barbara, and I were on a trip to Albania. Our tour guide was a local teacher supplementing her income. While on the coach with us, she spoke frankly about her family life under communism and its harsh realities for them, as well as the culture, antiquities and modernity of her country. It was an experience so engaging and enlightening. It made me think of Jesus as Guide. His truth amid the harsh realities of his time and his guiding experience as he travelled the Holy Land, overlaying his tour with what might, under faith, be deemed facts about his Father and the Kingdom of Heaven. According to his words, it would be hard to refute that this was his mission while he lived and breathed. I asked myself, from my own experience of “guided tours” of churches and cathedrals, isn’t it also their mission to include something of the gospel either as narrative or theology?
Read on…. Premier Christianity have blogged my article on the research I did for my final assignment.

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